Now Carolan  presenting Turlough O'Carolan.

"Of all the bards this country ever produced, the last and the greatest was Carolan the Blind. He was at once a poet, a musician, a composer, and sung his own verses to his harp."... Oliver Goldsmith. This street sculpture has stood in Mohill, Co. Leitrim since 1986. A brief biography follows at the foot of the page.

+ 26 Brighid Ní'c Fheorais - Bridget Cruise
+ 53 Easpag Seán Ó hArt - Bishop Sean Hart
+ 59 Coirneál Ó hOireamhan - Colonel Irwin
+ 65 Tomás Muiris Jones - Bumper Squire Jones speaker
+ 73 Máible Shéimh Ní Cheallaigh - Mable Kelly
+ 84 An t-Ath Brian Mhac Diarmada Rua - Fr. Brian MacDermott Roe
+ 96 Cúchonnacht mór Maguidhir - Constantine Maguire
+ 114 Seán ó Conchubhair - John O'Connor
+ 130 Cupán Cian Ó h-Eaghra - Kean O'Hara's Cup
+ 143 Máire an Cúil Fhinn - Mary of the Fair Locks
+ 150 Neilí Pluncéad - Eleanor Plunkett
+ 161 Ól-Ré Chearbhalláin - Carolan's Receipt
+ 180 Máire Brún - Mary Browne
+ 188 Ceileabhradh le Ceol - Farewell to Music
+ 190 Bean an Leanna - The Landlady
+ 195 Banríon Sí - Faerie Queen
+ 197 Óid don Uisce Beatha - Ode to Whiskey
+ 198 Aon Buidéal Eile - One bottle more
+ 202 Carolan's 1st tune: Sí bheag Sí mhor - Shebeg Shemore
+ 209 Marbhna MacCába - Elegy for MacCabe
+ 210 Cumha Toirdhealbhach Mac Donnchadha - Lament for Terrence MacDonough
+ 211 Cumha Ruaidh Eoghain Uí Néill - Lament for Owen Roe O'Neill
+ Eipeasóid an Saic - The Sacking of Charles MacCabe
+ Marbhna Máire ní Guidhir - Elegy to Molly Maguire
+ Sgobhlaireacht - Scolding Match
+ Réalta na Maidne - Morning Star
+ Staróga le Cearbhalláin - Anecdotes by Carolan
+ Seórsa Brabston - George Brabazon
+ An Beirt Uilliam Dáibhis - Two William Davises
+ Pléaráca na Ruarcach - O'Rourkes' Feast

Turlough O'Carolan was born at Spiddal, near Nobber in the County of Meath. Blinded by smallpox at age 18, Carolan traveled on horseback with an attendant, giving concerts throughout Ireland.

Carolan's music reflects his personality. He was "cheerful and gregarious" (Complete Works, 5), enjoying ludicrous stories, practical jokes and, according to Donal O'Sullivan was excellent at backgammon. Like many harpers, he drank and he had a temper.

He was one of the last Irish harpers who composed, and a significant number of his works survive. His face was once on the Irish £50 note. At age 50, he married Mary Maguire with whom he had six daughters and a son. In 1733 Mary dies, and Carolan writes one of his most beautiful poems to her memory.

Courtesy of Vivian & Jack, 2024
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