Cúchonnacht mór Maguidhir - Constantine Maguire

Maguire Family Crest
Maguire Family Crest

The Maguires of Tempo, Co. Fermanagh, were one of the greatest and most ancient of the Irish Septs. Constantine Maguire mortgaged the greater part of his estates to raise and arm a regiment for the service of King James the Second.

He, with his brave men, fought despirately at the Pass of Aughrim (1691), and was, with his regiment, cut to pieces, after having nearly destroyed the 2nd regiment of the British Horse. When he was shot down and the fate of the day decided, one of his soldiers named Durnien, drew his sword and cut off his commander's head. This he put in a bag and brought to Enniskillen where getting into a boat brought it to the family burial ground on the Island of Devnish where it was interred. Constantine Maguire died unmarried.
The first verse is not easy to understand, but it appears that the poet is planning to make a visit to the place where the hero is buried, (that country), to see the plants that the people have placed, and possibly make offerings of wine in his memory... Frank Osborne

le Toirdhealbhach Ó Cearbhalláin
1. Racha mé ar cuairt suas faá' n tir son,
Féachaín planda ó dhream na ríogha,
Duine léarb' anmhail leis fíon agus ceól
Agus a bheih aige do lá 's do oidhche.

by Frank Osborne
I will make a visit up around that country,
To see plants from the people of the kingdom,
A person who was enthralled by wine and music,
And will have it with him by day and by night.

2 Go mairidh sé a bheatha ag seasamh cliú na bhfear,
An t-óganach lér mór mhian,
Cúchonnacht mac múinte cródha cliúiteach,
Cosanta prontach fáilteach.

May he live his life standing the fame of man,
The youth who was much liked,
Constantine mannerly brave honorable son,
Defender generous welcoming.

3. Ar ndóigh níorbh'iongna ceólta sídhe,
Lucht ag ól fíona is gach uile dhuine i n-aice.
Is aite liom mar tá sé, cúirteóir sáimh é,
Coraidhe gan tlás é n-aimsir gleó.

Thence no wonder fairy songs,
Crowds drinking wine and everyone close.
I like him as he is, courtly peaceful is he
Fighter without weakness is he in time of battle.



Thanks to Frank Osborne of Kansas City Missouri for the English translation
Source: Dónal O'Sullivan, Life and Times of an Irish Harper vol. 2 pg. 61.
Notations: Ibid, Dónal O'Sullivan .
Sequenced by Davey Rogers
Courtesy of Vivian and Jack Hennessey, IrishPage.com 2024
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