Donacha Ó Conchubhair - Denis O'Conor

Family Crest of O' Conor
O'Conor Family Crest

The complete tune is two and a half quatrains. The subject is the same as that of the preceding air. This air was taken from Captain Francis O'Neill's Music of Ireland (Chicago 1903), which is only a secondary source and it has not been able to be ascertained from where Captain O'Neill obtained it. Still its style resembles Carolan's, and it is suited to the words given below.

A Dhonncha, God save you is ce/ad mile fa/ilte,
Is tu/ 'su/gaigh 's is mu/inte 's clu/itigh in gach ce/ill,
Ta/ na ce/adta fear a' tra/cht air, ni/ beag do/ibh so a ra/dh leis,
An t-o/igfhear deas sa/sta do a/rd-fhuil Chu/ige Laighean.

Song Notations

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