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Charles O'Conor was taught the harp by Carolan. He is the writer of the diaries from which extracts on Carolan's life were taken.

Charles O'Conor (1710-1790) was the eldest son of Denis and Mary O'Conor of Belangare who were the subjects of other tunes. Charles O'Conor studied the harp and learned tunes from several harpers, including Carolan. Entries in his diary of 1729 include several referencing Carolan. Carolan was 59 when he when he spent time at Belangare. He wrote of Carolan later, "In his lifetime he and I had many batgatelle conversations. Ludicrous tales made him happy and my supplying him with many made me a great favourite with him." In spite of those words an entry in O'Conor's diary writes, "I got 'Squire Jones' from him to-day, and no thanks to him for that." (O'Sullivan, v. 1 pg. 63)

Courtesy of Donal O'Sullivan's 1958 edition of Carolan, the Life, Times and Music of an Irish Harper O'Sullivan vol. 2 pg. 78

Dónal O'Sullivan, The life, times and Music of an Irish Harper.
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