Irish Greetings.
Beannú - A Greeting

boy and girl

The greetings are listed in pairs below. The person greeting says the first line in Irish. The other person answers with the next. Phonetics are included for those linguistically challenged.

Mora na maidine dhuit.
Top of the morning to you.
More-uh nah mod-gin-uh g-wit.

Agus cuid eile an lae dhuit fein.
And the rest of the day to yourself.
Ah-gus quid ella on law g-wit feign


Dia dhuit.
God be with you.
Gee-uh g-wit

Dia 's Muire dhuit.
God and Mary be with you.
Gee-us mere-uh g-wit


Tá an lá go maith.
It's a nice day.
T-awe on law go mah

Tá sé cinnte.
It certainly is.
T-awe shay kin-tuh


Conas tá tú?
How are you?
Cone-us t-awe too

Táim go maith.
I am good. (Munster dialect)
T-awe-m go mah


Cen chaoi bhfuil tú?
How are you? (Connacht dialect)
Cane-gee will too

Táim go dona.
I am bad.
T-awe-m go done-uh


Cad é mar atá tú?
How are you? (Ulster dialect)
Cod jay-mer uh t-awe too

Tá mé tinn.
I am sick.
T-awe may tin

Mora na maidene dhuit agus cuid eile an lae dhuit féin 2022
Courtesy of Jack & Vivian
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