Deochanna - Drinks


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  • Beer - Beoir

  • the beer - an bheoir
    D’ól sé beoir fhuar.
    He drank a cold beer.



  • Coffee - Caife

  • the coffee - an caife
    An dtabharfá caife dom le do thoil?
    Can I have a coffee please?


  • Drink - Deoch
  • a quart of Milk
    the drink an deoch
    Cén deoch a ólfaigh tú?
    What drink do you want?


    a quart of Milk

  • Milk - Bainne
  • the milk - an bainne
    Ba mhaith liom gloine bainne.
    I want a glass of milk.


    Orange Juice

  • Orange Juice - Sú Oráiste

  • the orange juice - an su Oráiste.
    Ba mhaith liom sú oráiste a ól.
    I want an orange juice.


  • Water - Uisce

  • Glass of water the Water - an t-Uisce
    Tá an t-uisce fuar.
    The water is cold.


    a litre of red Wine
  • Red Wine - Fion Dearg

  • the Red Wine - an Fion Dearg
    An mbeidh fíon dearg agat?
    Would you like some red wine?


    a teacup

  • Tea - Tae>

  • the tea - an Tae
    Ba maith liom cupán tae.
    I would like a cup of tea.


    a litre of White Wine

  • White wine - Fíon Geal

  • the red wine - an fíon geal
    Is fearr liom fíon geal.
    I prefer white wine.


    a bottle of Spirits

  • Wine - Fíon

  • the wine = an fíon
    Bhí an fíon maith.
    The wine was good.



  • Whiskey - uisce beatha

  • the whiskey an t-uisce beatha
    Níl uisce beatha ar bith fágtha sa bhuidéal.
    There is no whiskey left in the bottle.




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