Glasrai - Vegitables

Side salad
A salad with all sorts of greens

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an Artichoke
  • Artichoke - bliosán

  • the artichoke - an bliosán
    Bhí an bliosán sean.
    The artichoke was old.



  • Cabbage - cabáiste

  • the cabbage - an cabáiste
    Ní maith le Marcas cabáiste.
    Mark doesn't like cabbage


    a head of lettuce

  • Lettuce - Leitis

  • the lettuce- an leitis
    Cheannaigh mé leitís ag an tsiopa.
    I bought lettuce at the shop.


  • Mushroom - muisiriún

  • Mushroom the mushroom - an muisiriún
    Níl ach aon mhuisiriún amháin ann.
    There is only one mushroom.


    Bunch of Onions
  • Onion - oinniún

  • the onion - an t-oinniún
    An bhfuil oinniún agat?
    Do you have an onion?


    Container of Chinese rice

  • Rice - rís

  • the rice - an rís
    Níl rís ar bith ann.
    There is no rice.


  • Salad - Sailáid

  • the salad - an Sailáid
    An mbeidh saláid agat?
    Would you like a salad?


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