Milseán - Dessert


Desert Chef


Chef presenting the dessert tray

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  • Biscuit - Briosca

  • the biscuit - an Briosca
    D’ith sí an briosca.
    She ate the biscuit.


  • Cake - an císte

  • the cake - an císte
    Níor ith mé an císte.
    I did not eat the cake.


  • Chocolate - Seacláid

  • Chocolate Candy Bar the Chocolate an tSeacláid
    Níl seacláid ar bith ann
    There is no chocolate.


    Donoughts and coffee
  • Doughnut Taoschno

  • the doughnut - an taoschnó
    An bhfuil taoschnó seacláide agat?
    Do you have a chocolate doughnut?


  • Ice-Cream - uachtar reoite

  • Ïce Cream Cone The Ice-Cream - an t-uachtar reoite
    Is breá leis uachtar reoite.
    He loves ice cream.


  • Pie - pióg

  • the pie - an Phíog
    Is maith liom pióg úll agus uachtar reoite.
    I like apple pie and ice cream.



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