Dinnear - Dinner

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Loaf of Bread and a knife
  • Bread - Arán

  • the bread - an t-Arán
    Ba mhaith liom níos mó arán a ithe.
    I want more bread

    Candle on the table for dinner

  • Candle - Coinneal

  • the Candle - an Choinneal
    Las mé an choinneal.
    I lit a candle.

    Mice Cheese - Cáis
    the cheese - an Cháis
    Ní maith léi cáis.
    She doesn't like cheese.

  • Chicken - Sicín

  • Roast Chicken
    the chicken - an sicín
    Ba mhaith liom sicín a ithe.
    I want to eat chicken.


  • Duck - Lacha

  • the duck - an lacha.
    Tá lacha blasta.
    Duck is tasty

    a bottle of Spirits

  • Wine - Fíon

  • the wine = an fíon
    Bhí an fíon maith.
    The wine was good.


    a teacup

  • Tea - Tae>

  • the tea - an Tae
    Ba maith liom cupán tae.
    I would like a cup of tea.

    Chef carving meat
  • Meat - Feoil

  • the meat - an Fheoil
    Ní itheann sí feoil.
    She does not eat meat.

  • Pasta - Pasta

  • the pasta - an Piobar
    Tá an pasta réidh.
    The pasta is ready.

    Pepper and salt

  • Pepper - piobar

  • the pepper - an Piobar
    Cá bhfuil an piobar?.
    Where is the pepper?.

  • Salt - Salann

  • Box of salt the salt - an Salann.
    Tabhair dom an salann le do thoil.
    Please pass the salt.

  • Sugar - Siúcrá>

  • the sugar - an Siúcra
    An dtógfaidh tú siúcra sa tae?
    Will you take sugar in your tea?

    Man ringing the dinner bell

  • Bell - Clog

  • the bell an clog
    Ar bhuail tú mo chloigín?
    Did you ring my bell?

    a couple of pork chops.

  • meat - feoil

  • "the meat - an feoil
    Ní itheann sí feoil.
    She does not eat meat.


    Waitress serving Turkey
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