Meals of the Day

The hostess serving meals

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Donoughts and coffee
  • Breakfast Bricfeasta

  • the breakfast an Bricfeasta
    Bh� friochadh agam don bhricfeasta.
    I had a fry for breakfast.

    Slice of Cake

  • Dessert - Milseog

  • the Dessert an Milseog
    An mbeidh milseog agat?
    Do you want dessert?


  • Lunch Lón

  • a hamburger the lunch an Lón
    Ar ith t� l�n?
    Did you have lunch?


    The Last Supper
  • Supper suipéar

  • the supper an suipéar
    T� an suipéar r�idh!
    Supper is ready!

    Toast before dinner

  • Dinner dinnéar

  • the dinner an dinnéar
    An féidir liom dinnéar a ullmhú duit anocht?
    Can I cook you dinner tonight?


    Hot Dog stand
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    Filleadh go liosta
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