Lón - Lunch


Juicy Hamburger
An Borgaire - The Hamburger

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Outdoor Barbeque
  • Barbecue - barbaiciú

  • the barbecue an barbaiciú
    Is maith le m’athair beárbiciúnna.
    My father likes barbecues.


  • Bread - Arán

  • Loaf of Bread and a knife an t-Arán
    Ba mhaith liom níos mó arán a ithe.
    I want more bread


    Mice Cheese - Cáis
    an Cháis
    Ní maith léi cáis.
    She doesn't like cheese.


    Milk ContainerCoffee

  • Milk - Bainne

  • the milk - an bainne
    Ba mhaith liom gloine bainne.
    I want a glass of milk.



  • Coffee - Caife

  • the coffee - an caife
    An dtabharfá caife dom le do thoil?
    Can I have a coffee please?


  • Hamburger - Borgaire

  • The Hamburger - an Borgaire
    Bhí an borgaire mór súmhar.
    The burger was big and juicy.


    Chef carving meat

  • Meat - Feoil

  • an Fheoil
    Ní itheann sí feoil.
    She does not eat meat.


  • Sandwich - Ceapaire
  • Sandwich on bread with lettucr and tomato
    an Ceapaire
    An mbeidh ceapaire agat?
    Would you like a sandwich?


    a teacup

  • Tea - Tae>

  • the tea - an Tae
    Ba maith liom cupán tae.
    I would like a cup of tea.



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