Turas - Transportation

Ferry Boat
A Ferry Boat

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. School Bus
  • Bus - Bus

  • the bus an bus
    Tá mé mall don bhus!
    I am late for my bus!

    Car on fire

  • Car - Carr

  • the Car - an Carr
    Is maith leis carranna gasta.
    He likes fast cars

    Lorry hauling delivery

  • Lorry - Leoraí

  • the Lorry - an Leoraí
    Chuaigh sé isteach sa leoraí.
    He got into the lorry.

    Man on Harley doing a wheelie

  • Motorcycle - Gluaisrothar

  • the motorcycle an gluaisrothar
    Tá gluaisrothar aige.
    He has a motorbike.

    a Suspension Bridge

  • Bridge - Droichead

  • Bridge - droichead
    Shiúil muid trasna an droichid.
    We walked over the bridge.


  • Airplane - Eitléan

  • the Airplane an t-eitléan
    Bhíomar naoi n-uair an chloig san eitleán.
    We were in the plane for nine hours.

    Man hailing a taxi
  • Taxi - Tacsaí

  • the taxi - an tacsaí
    Chuaigh mé chuig na siopaí i dtacsaí.
    I went to the shops in a taxi.

    Tractorin Tractor - Tarracoir
    the tractor - an tarracóir
    Bhris tarracóir John Joe.
    John Joe's tractor broke down.


  • Train - Traein

  • the train - an Traein
    Bhris tarracóir John Joe.
    The train is late.

    Man on bycicle doing a wheelie

  • Bicycle - Rothar

  • the bicycle an rothar
    Ghlac sé a rothar suas staighre.
    He took his bicycle upstairs.

    Viking Ship

  • Boat - Bád

  • the boat an bád
    Tá m’athair ar an bhád.
    My father is on the boat.

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