Obair - Occupations .

Janitor on the Job

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  • Builder tógálaí

  • the Builder an tógálaí
    Is tógálaí é m’fhear céile.
    My husband is a builder


    Clown with baloons

  • Clown - fear grinn

  • the Clown - an fear grinn
    Chonaic mé fear grinn ag an sorcas.
    I saw a clown at the circus.


    Cook - Chef

  • Cook_Cocaire

  • the cook - an cócaire
    Ba mhaith liom bheith i mo chócaire.
    I want to be a cook.



  • Decorator Maisitheoir

  • the Decorator an Maisitheoir
    Is maisitheoir mé.
    I'm a decorator


  • Doctor - Dochtúir

  • Doctor the Doctor an Dochtúir
    Is dochtúir í mo bhean chéile.
    My wife is a doctor.

    Musician strumming a guitar
  • Musician - Ceoltóir

  • the Musician - an Ceoltóir
    Is ceoltóir é Déaglán.
    Declan is a musician.


    Office Worker

  • Office Worker - Oibri oifigi

  • the office worker an pibri oifigi
    Is oibrí oifige í.
    She is an office worker.


  • Star - Réalta

  • the star - an réalta
    Ba mhaith liom bheith i mo réalta.
    I want to be a star.


  • Surgeon - máinlia

  • an máinlia
    Is máinlia maith é.
    He is a good surgeon



  • Teacher - Muinteoir

  • an Muinteoir
    Is múinteoir é.
    He is a teacher.


    Mechanic repairing a car

  • Mechanic - Meicneoir

  • the Mechanic - an Meicneoir
    Is meicneoir é mo mhac.
    My son is a mechanic.


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