Child's Clothes hung out to dry


Baby clothes hanging out to dry

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  Sewing a button on
  • Button - Cnaipe

  • the button - an cnaipe
    Thit an cnaipe d�om..
    My button fell off.


    Man's Coat

  • Coat - c�ta

  • the coat - an c�ta
    T� c�ta dearg aici.
    She has a red coat


    Woman's Gloves

  • Glove - Lamhainn

  • the glove - an an l�mhainn
    Chaill m� l�mhainn.
    I lost a glove.


    Baseball Hat

  • Hat - Hata

  • the hat - an hata
    T� mo hata gorm te.
    My blue hat is warm.



  • Jeans - Bríste géine

  • the jeans - an bríste géine
    Tá mo bhríste géine salach.
    My jeans are dirty.


    Men's green jumper

  • Jumper - Geansai

  • the jumper - an geansai
    Is maith leis a gheansa� glas.
    He likes his green jumper.


    a zipper.

  • Zipper - Sip

  • the Zipper - an tSip
    t� sip do bhriste ar oscailt.
    The zipper on your pants is open.


    a business man in a white shirt
  • Shirt - Léine

  • the shirt - an léine
    Smúdáil mé mo léine.
    I ironed my shirt.


    a pair of Woman's shoes

  • shoe - br�g

  • the shoe - an bhr�g
    T� an bhr�g salach.
    The shoe is dirty


    a Woman's skirt

  • Skirt - sciorta

  • the skirt - an sciorta
    T� a sciorta b�n.
    Her skirt is white.


    Man's Socks

  • Sock - stoca

  • the Sock - an stoca
    T� aon stoca b�ndearg agus aon stoca gorm air.
    He has one pink sock and one blue sock on.



  • Tie - Carbhat

  • the tie - an Carbhat
    Bhain sé de a charbhat.
    He took his tie off.


    Picture of short pants

  • Shorts - br�ste gairid

  • the shorts - an br�ste gairid
    Is maith liom br�st� gairid a chaitheamh.
    N / A I like wearing shorts



  • T shirt - T-l�ine

  • the T-shirt - an t-l�ine
    T� t-l�ine gorm agam.
    I have a blue tshirt.


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