Spórt - Sports

Bycicle doing a wheelie .

A biker doing a wheelie

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. airplane
  • Airplane - eitléan

  • the Airplane an t-eitléan
    Bhíomar naoi n-uair an chloig san eitleán.
    We were in the plane for nine hours.

    Man on bycicle doing a wheelie

  • Bicycle - Rothar

  • the bicycle an rothar
    Ghlac sé a rothar suas staighre.
    He took his bicycle upstairs.


  • Boat - bád

  • the boat an bád
    Tá m’athair ar an bhád.
    My father is on the boat.


  • Helmet - Clogad

  • the helmet - an clogad
    Cosnóidh an clogad mo cheann.
    My helmet will protect my head.

    Sports medicine doctor

  • Doctor - Docthtuir

  • the Doctor - an Docthtuir
    N/A Sports Medicine Doctor.

    Boy tossed Basketball into the hoop.
  • Basket - Cisean
  • the Basket - an Cisean
    Tá an ciseán folamh.
    The basket is empty.

  • Ball - Liathróid

  • Player tossing the football the Ball - an Liathróid
    Ciceáil an liathróid!.
    Kick the ball!

    Man on Harley doing a wheelie

  • Motorcycle - gluaisrothar

  • the motorcycle an gluaisrothar
    Tá gluaisrothar aige.
    He has a motorbike.

    Jockey on a horse an capall
    Tá an capall tuirseach.
    The horse is tired.

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