Setting up a Computer with a Mouse

Setting up a Computer with a Mouse

  • Computer - Riomhaire

  • the computer an riomhaire
    Cheannaigh Tomaí ríomhaire.
    Tommy bought a computer.

    Cell Phone

  • Mobile-phone - guthán póca

  • an guthán póca
    Tá sí ag labhairt ar an ghuthán póca.
    She is talking on her mobile phone.

  • Phone - guthán

  • an guthán
    Freagair an guthán!
    Answer the telephone!

    Car radio

  • Radio - Raidió

  • an Raidió
    Cas air an raidió.
    Turn on the radio.

    Cell Mouse

  • Mouse - Luchóg

  • an Luchóg
    Chaill mé mo luchóg!
    I lost my mouse!

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