Seomra Folcha - Bathroom

An Seomra Folctha - The Bathroom


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Bath Tub


  • Bathtub - Folcadan

  • the Bathtub - an Folcadan
    Tá spúinse san fholcadán
    There is a sponge in the bathtub


    Barber combs hair


  • Comb - cior

  • the Comb - an chior
    N� thig liom mo ch�or a aimsi�.
    I cannot find my comb.



  • Hairbrush - Scuab Gruaige

  • the Hairbrush - an Scuab Gruaige
    T� scuab bu� gruaige agam.
    I have a yellow hairbrush.




  • Mirror - Sc�th�n

  • the Mirror - an Sc�th�n
    An bhfuil sc�th�n agat?
    Do you have a mirror?



  • Scales - me�

  • the Scales - an me�
    T� eagla orm dul ar an mhe� sa seomra folctha.
    I am scared to get on the scales in the bathroom.


    Bathroom Sink

  • Sink - Doirteal

  • the Sink - Doirteal
    Tá na soithí salacha sa doirteal.
    The dirty dishes are in the sink.


    Bath Soap


  • Soap - Gall�nach

  • the Soap - an Ghall�nach
    Nigh m� mo l�mha leis an ghall�nach.
    I washed my hands with the soap




  • Sponge_Sp�inse

  • the Sponge - an Sp�inse
    T� sp�inse san fholcad�n.
    There is a sponge in the bathtub.



  • Faucet - Sconna

  • the faucet - an Sconna
    Cuir an sconna air.
    Turn on the cold faucet.




  • Toilet - Leithreas

  • the Toilet - an Leithreas
    C� bhfuil an leithreas?
    Where is the toilet?


  • Towel - Tu�ille

  • Towels the Towel - an Tu�ille
    C� bhfuil mo thu�ille?
    Where is my towel?


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