Seomra Folcha - Bathroom


Man in bed with his wife looking in on him.


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  • Bed - Leaba

  • the bed an leaba
    Ba mhaith linn leaba agus bricfeasta.
    We would like bed and breakfast.



  • Bedroom - Seomra leapa

  • the bathroom an seomra leapa
    Cá bhfuil do sheomra leapa?
    Where is your bedroom?


  • Cuchion - Cúisín

  • the cushion an cúisín
    Thit mé a chodladh ar an chúisín.
    I fell asleep on the cushion.



  • Lamp - lampa

  • the lamp an lampa
    Tá mo lampa rógheal.
    My lamp is too bright.




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