Datheanna - Colors

Colors in a Fire Rainbow
Colors in a Fire Rainbow (Tua ceatha)

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Courtesy of Vivian and Jack IrishPage.com , Sep. 2022
Recordings courtesy of TalkIrish.com
Color black
  • Black - Dubh

  • Tá mo ghruaig dubh.
    My hair is black.

    Color blue

  • Blue - Gorm

  • Bhí an spéir gorm.
    The sky was blue.

    Color brown

  • Brown - Donn

  • Tá súile galánta donna aici.
    She has beautiful brown eyes.

    Color grey

  • Grey - Liath

  • Tá sí ag caitheamh gúna liath.
    She is wearing a grey dress.

    Color green

  • Green - Glas

  • Tá an féar fada glas.
    The grass is long and green.

    Colors ...

    Color pink

  • Pink - Bandearg

  • Is maith liom bandearg.
    I like pink.

    Color Purple

  • Purple - Corcra

  • Is é corcra an dath is fearr liom.
    Purple is my favourite colour.

    Color red

  • Red - Dearg

  • Cheannaigh sé rósanna dearga di.
    He bought her red roses.

  • White - Bán

  • Cá bhfuil an t-éan bán?
    Where is the white bird?

    Color yellow

  • Yellow - Buí

  • Cheannaigh mé tolg mór buí
    I bought a big yellow sofa!

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    Courtesy of Vivian and Jack IrishPage.com, 2022
    Recordings courtesy of TalkIrish.com

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