Tóibít Peatáin - Tobias (Toby) Peyton

Peyton Family Crest
Peyton Family Crest

There is a note about this tune given to Bunting by one of the harpers. "The tune had its origin in the following circumstance. Squire Toby Peyton, meeting Carolan on horseback, said to him jocosely in Irish, "Carolan, you ride crooked", to which the harper, who was exceedingly sensitive in everything touching his personal appearance, replied, "I'll pay you for that with a crooked tune". He accordingly composed this air , which is in truth of such a crabbed unmanageable nature as almost to defy every rule of composition in the adaptation of a bass.' Actually the tune does not seem particularly 'crooked', though Bunting's version is perhaps more so than others. ...O'Sullivan v 2 p 94

Láimh leis an gCéis tá'n siollaire sásta,
Tobóid óg Padhton isé tá mé rádh:
Is uasal 's is saoitheamhail,
Is gruagach 's is is gnaoidheamhail,
Ni léigfeadh sé a mhasladh choidche ar cáirde.

Song Notations

Notations are courtesy of Carolan, the Life and Times of an Irish Harper by Dónal O'Sullivan vol 1 pg. Celtic Music Edition 1983.

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