Eoghain Ó Ruairc - Lament for Eoin O'Rourke

O'Rourke Family Crest

This is the lament for the death of 1728 of Owen O'Rourke, Prince of Breffni who is the subject of 142. But the air is not very satisfactory and may have been misnoted. The question of what are the apropriate words is complicated and requires some explanation.
The manuscript which is the sole source of the tune is the notebook of James Cody, Bunting's collaborator, and all of its contents are in his hand. Cody, unlike Bunting, knew Irish and was able to write down the words as well as the tunes to which they were sung.

Do chonnairc méárus fial is cuideachtasháimhdhá riar,
Eaglaisa'gárrtha i gcliar go minic is iad ag ól,
Do shamhail ní ghfaigheam nios mó ón tSionainn sa tslighe go Bóinn,
Budh gheanamhail do mhian ar an tsaoghal 's go raibh tú ag Mac Dé sa nglóir.

Song Notations

Notations are courtesy of Carolan, the Life and Times of an Irish Harper by Dónal O'Sullivan vol 1 Celtic Music Edition 1983.

Courtesy of Vivian and Jack Hennessey, IrishPage.com, 2022.
Replay background music: Owen O'Rourke
sequenced by Mike Lydiat, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, UK.

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