Muiris Ó Conchubhair - Maurice O'Connor 1st Air

The O'Connor Family Crest

Maurice O'Connor acquired Coote Hall, Co. Roscommon from the Coote family for a price of 7,600 Pounds. We may well immagine the enormous pleasure which a sale of this kind must have given, coming so soon after the wholesale confiscations of properties. The transfer provided the occasion for this song of Carolan's. There are 3 quatrains of which the first is below:

Maurice O'Connor was the head, in Carolan's day, of the O'Connors of Offaly In Tudor times their chief fortress was Daingean Uí Fáilghe fortress of Offaly until 1556 when it was broken up with Offaly being renamed Kings County and Daingean renamed Phillipstown. Maurice was living in England and made a fortune at the English Bar. He had to become a Protestant in order to practice law but his subsequent actions leave little room for doubt that the conversion was not due to conviction but pure expediency.

Is iongantach an chúis é 's is nuaidheacht sa'tír,
Ó Conchubhair a'ceannach dúithche 's a'Cútach dhá dhíol.
Má leantar don chúrsa seo a réir mar cuireadh túsair,
Beidh Gaedlealuibh go súgach sa'gcúigeadh seo arís.

This is a wonderful affair and a novelty in the country,
O'Connor buying an estate and Coote selling it.
If this process continues as it has begun,
The Irish will be joyful in this province again.

Midi Music: Maurice O'Connor by Carolan.
Irish Text: Carolan, the Life and times of an Irish Harper by Donal O'Sullivan, 1958 Vol 2 pg 72-3 No 115.

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