Seanfhocail - Wise Old Irish Sayings

Seanfhocail - Wise Old Irish Sayings

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Má tú ag lorg cara gan locht,
béidh tú gan cara go deo.

Is fearr Gaeilge briste,
ná Bearla clíste.

Dá fhada an lá
tagann an tráthnóna.

Inis do Mháire i gcógar é,
is inseoidh Máire dó phóbal é.

Is minic cuma aingeal
ar an Diabhal féin

Aithníonn ciaróg
ciaróg eile.

Is glas iad na cnoc
i bhfad uainn.

Is minic a bhris béal
duine a shrón

Is minic a ghearr teanga
duine a scornach.

Trí ní is deacair a thuiscint;
intleacht na mban,
obair na mbeach,
teacht agus imeacht na taoide.

Is minic a bhíonn ciúin

Fiche bliain ag teacht,
Fiche bliain go maith,
Fiche bliain ag meath, is
Fiche bliain gan rath

N�l aon tinte�n
mar do thinte�n f�in.

N�l aon t�in tinn
mar do th�in tinn f�in.

Is � do mhac do mhac inni�,
ach is � d'in�on d'in�on go deo.

Dia's Muire dhuit
agus cuid eile na naomh leat féin

Mora na maidene dhuit,
agus cuid eile an lae leat féin.

If you are looking for a friend without a fault
you will be without a friend forever

Broken Irish is better,
than clever English.

However long the day,
the evening will come.

Tell it to Mary in a whisper,
and Mary will tell it to the parish.

There is often the look of an angel
on the Devil himself.

One cockroach
recognizes another.

Distant hills
look green.

It is often that a person's mouth
broke his nose.

It is often that a person's tongue
cut his throat.

Three things hardest to understand;
the mind of women,
the work of the bees,
the coming and going of the tide.

The quiet one
is often guilty.

Twenty years coming,
Twenty years good,
Twenty years declining, and
Twenty years useless.

There's no hearth
like your own hearth.

There's no sore ass
like your own sore ass

Your son is your son today,
but your daughter is your daughter forever.

God and Mary to you,
And the rest of the saints to yourself.

Top of the morning to you
and the rest of the day to yourself.

Courtesy of Vivian & Jack Hennessey
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