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Mallacht - Celtic Curses

go knee-huh on cat is go knee-huh on divel on cat Go n-ithe an cat th� is go n-ithe an diabhal an cat.
May the cat eat you, and may the devil eat the cat.

tit-him gahn ort Titim gan �ir� ort.
May you fall without rising.

im-ucht-gahn cha-kt Imeacht gan teacht ort.
May you leave without returning.

powg uh muh hone Póg mo thóin.
Kiss my butt!

traz nu ort fayne Trasna ort féin.
Go... yourself!

doch-uh ah-gus lus-kh\uh or-t Dóite agus loisceadh ort.
Burning and scorching on you.

p-law air duh hock Plá ar do theach.
A plague on your house.

go my cuss-uh glin-uh foo-t ah-gus go mrishta un glin-uh Go mbeadh cosa gloine f�t agus go mbrise an ghloine
May you have glass legs and may the glass break

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