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Lady of Knock

Banthiorna Cnoic

The Story of Knock began on the rainy night of August 21st 1879 in County Mayo when Our Lady, St. Joseph and St. John the Evangelist appeared at the south gable of Knock Parish Church. The apparition was witnessed by fifteen people, young and old. While the apparition may not be as captivating as those in which Our Lady spoke, from this miraculous occurrance Knock has grown to the status of an internationally recognised Marian Shrine.

After Holy Communion there is a period of silence or a hymn. At this time this piece may be sung If the bride is going to place a bouquet before the statue of Our Lady, this is appropriate background music and song.

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Lady of Knock

by Dana (Rosemary Scallon)

There were people of all ages
gathered ‘round the gable wall
poor and humble men and women,
little children that you called

We are gathered here before you,
and our hearts are just the same
filled with joy at such a vision,
as we praise your name

Golden Rose, Queen of Ireland,
all my cares and troubles cease
as we kneel with love before you,
Lady of Knock, my Queen of Peace

Though your message was unspoken,
still the truth in silence lies
as we gaze upon your vision,
and the truth I try to find

here I stand with John the teacher,
and with Joseph at your side
and I see the Lamb of God,
on the Altar glorified


And the Lamb will conquer
and the woman clothed in the sun
will shine Her light on everyone

and the lamb will conquer
and the woman clothed in the sun,
will shine Her light on everyone


Banthiarna Cnoic

le Aideen as Cyprus

Bhí seandaoine is óige ann
Balaithe timpeall balla na binne bhí
Fír's mna umhail, leanaí óige
ar chuir tú ghlaoch,

Táimid balaithe anseo romhat
agus ár gcroíthe mar an gcéanna,
lán d'áthas ar a leithéid d'aisling
Feadh molaimíd t'ainm.

Róisin Oir, Banríon na hÉireann
Mo chúraim 's trioblóidí uile gan staonadh,
Is muid ar ár nglúine romhat le ghrá.
Bantíarna a' Chnoic, mo Bhanríon na hÉireann

Mar a raibh bhur scéal gan lua
Fós, ta an fhírinne faoi thost
Is muid ag breathnú ar bhur radharc
Is iarraim an fhírinne anseo

Táim im sheasamh le múinteoir Sheán
agus le Seosamh ar taobh
Cím Uan Dé
ar an altóir dhlóirithe bhinn


Is beidh an bua ag an Uan
Is an bhean atá feistithe le'n ghrian
Is loinneoidh sí chách len a solas

Is beidh an bua ag an Uan
Is an bhean atá feistithe le'n ghrian
Is loinneoidh sí chách len a solas


The feast of Our Lady of Knock is celebrated in the church calendar on August 21st.

Midi by John Aldridge of the Shrine at Knock, Co. Clare
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