Focal an Lae - Word of the Day 9.


Boy building a sandcastle
Ag an Trá - At the Beach


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. Beach Ball
  • Ball - Liathróid

  • the Ball - an Liathróid
    Ciceáil an liathróid!.
    Kick the ball!


    On the Beach

  • Beach - Trá

  • an Trá
    Táimid ag dul chuig an trá.
    We are going to the beach



  • Fish - Iasc

  • an t-iasc
    Tá an t-iasc ag snámh.
    The fish is swimming


    Sand Castle

  • Sand - Gaineamh

  • the Sand - an Gaineamh
    Tá an gaineamh iontach mín ar an trá seo.
    The sand is very fine on this beach.


    Beach Umbrella

  • Umbrella - scáth fearthainne

  • the Umbrella - an scáth fearthainne
    Tá muid faoin scáth fearthainne
    We are under the umbrella.



  • Shell - Sliogán

  • the Shell - an Sliogán
    Thig liom an fharraige a chluinstin sa sliogán.
    I can hear the sea in the shell.



  • Sunglasses - Speaclai greine

  • Sunglasses - Speaclai greine
    Tá sí ag caitheamh a spéaclaí gréine nua.
    She is wearing her new sunglasses.


    Sunrise in the tropics

  • Sun - Grian

  • the Sun - Grian
    Tá an ghrian ag soilsiú inniu.
    The sun is shining today.


    At the Beach

  • Water - Uisce

  • the Water - an t-Uisce
    Tá an t-uisce fuar.
    The water is cold.



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