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  • Book - Leabhar

  • an leabhar
    Oscail an leabhar.
    Open the book.



  • Camera - Ceamara

  • the camera - an ceamara
    Is é seo mo cheamara nua.
    This is my new camera.



  • Computer - Riomhaire

  • the computer an riomhaire
    Cheannaigh Tomaí ríomhaire.
    Tommy bought a computer.



  • Dictionary - Foclóir

  • the Dictionary - an Foclóir
    Is é seo m’fhoclóir Gaeilge.
    This is my Irish dictionary.



  • Envelope - Cludach

  • an chludach
    Chuir mé an litir sa chlúdach litreach.
    I put the letter in the envelope.



  • Email - Riomhphost

  • the Email - an Riomhphost
    Chuir mé ríomhphost chuige.
    I sent him an email.


    People reading the same magazine

  • Magazine - Iris

  • an Iris
    Is maith liom an iris seo.
    I like this magazine.


    Son selling Papers

  • Newspaper - Nuachtán

  • the Newspaper - an Nuachtán
    Tá sí sa nuachtán inniu.
    She is in the newspaper today.


    Stack of paper
  • Paper - Páipéar

  • the Paper - an Páipéar
    Tá páipéar de dhíth orm.
    I need some paper


    Man sleepting with his pen

  • Pen - Peann

  • the Pen - an peann
    Tá mo pheann ar obair.
    My pen works.



  • Pencil - Peann luaidhe

  • the Pencil - an peann-luaidhe
    An dtig liom peann luaidhe a fháil ar iasacht?
    Can I borrow a pencil?



  • Stamp - Stampa

  • the stamp an stampa
    Chuir mé an stampa ar an chlúdach.
    I put the stamp on the envelope


    Cell Phone

  • Mobile-phone - guthán póca

  • an guthán póca
    Tá sí ag labhairt ar an ghuthán póca.
    She is talking on her mobile phone.



  • Phone - guthán

  • an guthán
    Freagair an guthán!
    Answer the telephone!



  • Radio - Raidió

  • an Raidió
    Cas air an raidió.
    Turn on the radio.


    Cell Mouse

  • Mouse - Luchóg

  • an Luchóg
    Chaill mé mo luchóg!
    I lost my mouse!

    a film strip.

  • Film - Scannán

  • the Film - an Scannán
    Bhí an scannan scranrúil.
    The film was scary.



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