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Miscelaneous Topics
The Seven Dwarfs

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a shopping bag
  • Bag - Mála

  • the bag an mála
    Chaill má mo mhála.
    I lost my bag.

    Gold in a chest

  • Gold - Or.

  • the Gold - an t-Or
    Tá mo chuid óir curtha i bhfolach agam.
    I have hidden my gold


  • Ring - Fáinne.

  • the ring - an fainne
    Cheannaigh sé fáinne dom do mo bhreithlá.
    He bought me a ring for my birthday.

    Silver trayRing

  • Silver - Airgead

  • the Silver - an t-Airgead
    Tá an tráidire airgid sin deas.
    That's a nice silver tray.

    String can be a reminder on the finger
  • String - Streang

  • the String an tStreang
    Cheangail mé le streang dhearg é.
    I tied it up with red string.

  • ticket - ticéad

  • Admission ticket to a movie the ticket - an ticéad
    Cheannaigh mé ticéad le dul chuig an phictiúrlann.
    I bought a ticket for the cinema.

    Toy blocks Toy - Bréagán
    the Toy - an Bréagán
    Ba mhaith leis bréagán nua a bheith aige.
    He wants a new toy.

    Wrist watch

  • Watch - Uaireadoir

  • the watch an t-uaireadoir
    Tá uaireadóir costasach aige.
    He has an expensive watch.

    Jack in the Box

  • Present - Bronntinas

  • "the Present - an Bronntinas
    Fuair mé bronntanas duit.
    I got you a present.

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