The Flower and Vegetable Garden


The Black-Eyed Susan flower shown below has been the official Maryland state flower since 1918. The Rose shown below has been the New York State flower since 1955.
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Man on a racing field (track)
  • Field - Páirc

  • the Field - an Páirc
    Tá muid i lár na páirce.
    We are in the middle of the field.


    Black Eyed Suzie Flower

  • Flower - Bláth

  • the flower an Bláth
    Tá bláth ar an tábla.
    There is a flower on the table.


    Mommy in the garden

  • Garden - Gairdin

  • the Garden - an Gairdin
    Tá Mamaí sa ghairdín.
    Mammy is in the garden.



  • Grass - Féar

  • the Grass - an Féar
    Tá an féar fada fliuch
    The grass is long and wet.


    Hedge trimmer

  • Hedge - Fál

  • the Hedge - an Fál
    Thit sé isteach san fhál.
    He fell into the hedge.


    Tree Leaf

  • Leaf - Duilleog

  • the leaf - an duilleog
    Tá féileacán ar an duilleog.
    There is a butterfly on the leaf.


    Spider Plant

  • Plant - Planda

  • the Plant - an Planda
    Caithfidh mé uisce a chur ar mo phlanda.
    I must water my plant.


    Man raking in the Garden
  • Rake - Ráca

  • the Rake - an Ráca
    Chuir mé an ráca sa chró.
    I put the rake in the shed.


    Rose in bloom

  • Rose - Rós

  • An Rós
    Níor ordaigh dia rós gan dealg
    Every rose has thorns.



  • Spade - Spád

  • the Spade - an Spád.
    Tógfaidh mé an spád liom.
    I will take the spade with me.



  • Earth - Talamh

  • the Earth - an Talamh
    Tá an talamh go maith anseo.
    The soil is good here.


    Bonsai Tree

  • Tree - Crann

  • the Tree - an Crann
    Níor mhaith liom an crann a dhreapadh.
    I do not want to climb the tree.


    Water Can

  • Water - Uisce

  • the Water - an t-Uisce
    Tá an t-uisce fuar.
    The water is cold.


  • Wheelbarrow - Bara rotha

  • the wheelbarrow - an Bara rotha
    Tá bara rotha dearg aige.
    He owns a red wheelbarrow.


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