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  • Guitar - giotár

  • Guitar - giotár
    Is maith le Clár an giotár a sheinm.
    Clare likes playing guitar

  • Music - Ceol

  • the Music - an Ceol
    Musical Notes Is maith liom bheith ag éisteacht le ceol ar mo sheinnteoir MP3.
    I like listening to music on my MP3 player.

  • Violin - Veidhlin

  • the Violin - an Veidhlin
    Seinneann sé an veidhlín.
    He plays the violin.


      Traffic circle
  • Circle - Ciorcal

  • the Circle - an ciorcal
    Chuaigh muid i gciorcal.
    We made a circle

  • Square - Cearnóg

  • Square in the center of town. the square - an Chearnóg
    Shiúil muid sa chearnóg.
    We walked in the square.

    Two men moving a triangle
  • Triangle - Triantán

  • the Triangle - an Triantán
    Tharraing mé triantán.
    I drew a triangle.

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