Whittling a piece of wood with a knife

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a Hairbrush
  • Brush - scuab

  • the Brush - an scuab
    Tá mo scuab aige.
    He has my brush.


    a Bucket

  • Bucket_buicéad

  • the Bucket - an buicéad
    Tóg an buicéad.
    Pick up the bucket.


    Hammer and nail

  • Hammer - Casúr

  • the Hammer - an Casúr
    Tá casúr de dhíth orm don obair seo.
    I need a hammer for this job.


    Sewing a button on

  • Needle - snáthaid

  • the Needle - an tsnáthaid
    Tá mé ag cuardach snáthaide agus snáithe.
    He is looking for a needle and thread.


    Whittling a piece of wood with a knife

  • Knife - scian

  • the Knife an scian
    Tá scian de dhíth orm.
    I need a knife.


    Length of marine rope.
  • Rope - Rópa

  • the Rope - Rópa
    Tá an rópa sean.
    The rope is old.


    Hand saw

  • Saw - Sabh

  • the Saw an Sabh
    Thig leis an sábh a sheinm.
    He can play the saw.



  • Scissors - an siosúr

  • the Scissors - an siosúr
    An bhfuil siosúr ar bith agat?
    Do you have scissors?



  • Spade - Spad

  • the Spade - an Spad.
    Tógfaidh mé an spád liom.
    I will take the spade with me.



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