Butterflies feeding on nectar.
Butterfly feeding on flowers
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Red ant

  • Ant - seangán

  • the ant - an seangán
    Tá seangán i mo cheapaire!
    There is an ant in my sandwich!

    Bee Hive

  • Bee - Beach

  • the Bee an Beach
    Tá alléirge orm le beacha.
    I am allergic to bees.

    Butterfly in flight

  • Butterfly - féileacán

  • the butterfly an féileacán
    Tá an féileacán galánta.
    The butterfly is beautiful


  • Caterpillar - péist chabáiste

  • the caterpiller - an phéist chabáiste
    Tá an phéist chabáiste glas.
    The caterpillar is green

    More Insects

    House fly

  • Fly - Cuileog

  • the fly - an chuileog
    Tá cuileog ar an chíste.
    There is a fly on the cake


  • Ladybug - bóín Dé

  • the ladybug - an bhóín Dé
    D’eitil an bhóín Dé ar shiúl.
    The ladybug flew away.

  • Spider - damhán alla

  • Spider the spider - an damhán alla
    D’ith an damhán alla an chuileog.
    The spider ate the fly.

    A biting insect.

  • Wasp - Foiche

  • "the Wasp - an Fhoiche
    Chuir an Fhoiche goimh ionaim.
    The wasp bit me.


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