Focal an Lae - Word of the Day 18.

Dog and Pups
A Mother and her Litter

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. Bear walking
  • Bear - Béar

  • the bear an béar
    Tá an béar ina chodladh.
    The bear is sleeping.

  • Bird - Éan

  • Bird Flying
    the bird - an t-éan
    Tá an t-éan ag ceol.
    The bird is singing.


    a Cat sneezes

  • Cat - Cat

  • the Cat - an Cat
    Tá cat dubh amuigh.
    There is a black cat outside.

    a rooster Cat

  • Cockerel - Coileach

  • the cockerel - an coileach
    Mhúscail an coileach mé!
    The cockerel woke me up!

    Cow eating the hay

  • Cow - bó

  • the cow - an bhó
    Chonaic mé an bhó.
    I saw the cow.

    Doggie in swing

  • Dog - Madra

  • the dog - an madra.
    Bhí an madra ag tafann.
    The dog was barking.


  • Duck - Lacha

  • the duck - an lacha.
    Tá lacha blasta.
    Duck is tasty


  • Elephant - Eilifint

  • the elephant - an eilifint
    Ní dhéanann eilifint dearmad ar rud ar bith.
    An elephant never forgets.


  • Frog - Frog

  • the frog - an frog
    Tá frog beag glas agam.
    I have a little green frog.

  • Monkey - Moncai -

  • Monkey the monkey - an moncaí
    Tá banana ag an mhoncaí.
    The monkey has a banana.

  • Hen - Cearc

  • the hen - an chearc
    Tá an chearc sa ghairdín.
    The hen is in the garden.

  • Horse - Capall

  • Jockey on a horse the horse - an capall
    Tá an capall tuirseach.
    The horse is tired.


  • Lion - Leon

  • the lion - an Leon
    Chonaic mé leon sa zú.
    I saw a lion in the zoo.


  • Kitten - Puisín

  • the kitten - an Puisín
    Cá bhfuil an puisín?
    Where is the kitten?


  • Mouse - Luchóg

  • the mouse - an Luchóg
    Chaill mé mo luchóg!
    I lost my mouse!

    Two Penguins in love.

  • Penguin - Pionguin

  • The penguin an phiongain
    Tá an phiongain san uisce.
    The penguin is in the water.

    Pig peeking out of garbage can

  • Pig - Muc

  • the pig - an mhuc
    Tá peata muice ag Seán.
    John has a pet pig.

  • Rabbit - Coinín

  • Rabbit the rabbit - an Coinín
    Ní maith liom coiníní..
    I don't like rabbits.


  • Sheep - Caora

  • the sheep - an chaora
    Thig liom an chaora a fheiceáil.
    I can see the sheep.


  • Snail - Seilide

  • the snail - an seilide
    Tá an seilide mall.
    The snail is slow.

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