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A Child's Doll House

A Child's Doll House

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  Man ringing the dinner bell
  • Bell - Clog

  • the bell an clog
    Ar bhuail tú mo chloigín?
    Did you ring my bell?


    Open door

  • Door - Doras

  • the door an doras
    Tá Sinéad ag an doras.
    Sinéad is at the door.


    House burning.jpg

  • Fire - tine

  • the Fire - an tine
    Las mé an tine.
    I lit the fire.


    Woman getting up from floor

  • Floor - Urlár

  • the Floor - an t-Urlár
    Thit Louise ar an urlár.
    Louise fell on the floor


    a stand alone garage

  • Garage - Garáiste

  • the Garage - an Garáiste
    Chuir Áine an carr sa gharáiste.
    Ann put the car in the garage.



  • Washing Machine - Meaisín níocháin

  • an Meaisin niochain
    Tá an meaisín níocháin lán.
    The washing machine is full. .


  • Hall - Halla

  • the Hall - an Halla
    Fág do scáth fearthainne sa halla.
    Leave your umbrella in the hall.


    Ironing Board

  • Ironing Board - Clár Smúdala

  • the ironing board an clár smúdála
    Cá bhfuil an clár smúdála?
    Where is the ironing board?


  • Key - eochair

  • House keys the Key an eochair
    Cá bhfuil eochair an dorais?
    Where is the key to the door?


    Window cleaning

  • Window - fuinneog

  • the Window - an fhuinneog
    Oscail an fhuinneog.
    Open the window.


    Vacuum Cleaner

  • vacuum cleaner - folúsghlantóir

  • an folúsghlantóir
    Tá an folúsghlantóir sa chófra..
    The vacuum cleaner is in the cupboard.


    a garbage can.

  • Garbage - Bruscar

  • "the Garbage - an Bruscar
    Cuir an bruscar amach.
    Take the garbage out.



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