An Clann - The Family

Grandmother crying over spilt milk.




a Family - Clann.... Grandparents, Sons, Wives and Grandchildren

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  Sick aunt
  • Aunt - Aintin

  • n/a the aunt an aintin
    Tá m’aintín ina cónaí in Éirinn.
    My aunt lives in Ireland.


    I bought a lovely new coat.

  • Baby - babaí

  • the baby an babaí
    Tá an babaí ag ól bainne.
    The baby is drinking milk.


    Baby carriage

  • Carriage

  • the Baby carriage - an pram
    Chuir sí Breandán sa phram.
    She put Brendan in the Baby carriage



  • Boy - buachaill

  • the boy an buachaill
    Tá an buachaill sásta.
    The boy is happy.


    Playing Bsketball

  • Brother - Dearthair

  • the brother an deartháir
    Tá mo dheartháir pósta.
    My brother is married.


    Child on a swing

  • Child - Pháiste

  • the child - an páiste
    Tá aon pháiste amháin agam.
    I have one child.


    Child flying a kite

  • Cousin - Col Ceathrair

  • the cousin - an col ceathrair
    n/a Is as Ceanada do mo chol ceathrair.
    My cousin is from Canada.



  • Daughter - inion

  • the daughter - an t-inion
    Tá iníon agam.
    I have a daughter.



  • Family - Teaghlach

  • the family an teaghlach
    Tá mo theaghlach mór.
    I have a big family.



  • Father - Athair
  • the father - an t-athair
    Is maith le m’athair ceol..
    My father likes music.


    Teenager talking on a cell phone
  • Girl - Cailin
  • the Girl an Cailin
    Tá an cailín ag siúl lena hathair.
    The girl is walking with her father 



  • Grandfather - Seanathair
  • the Grandfather - an Seanathair
    Is as Corcaigh do mo sheanathair.
    My grandfather is from Cork.



  • Grandmother - Seanmhathair
  • the Grandmother - an t-Seanmhathair
    Is seanmháthair mé.
    I am a grandmother.



  • Mother - Máthair

  • n/a an mháthair - the Mother
    Tá a máthair i bpríosún.
    Her mother is in jail 


    Nephew sitting on a park bench

  • Nephew - Nia

  • the nephew - an Nia
    Imríonn mo nia sacar.
    My nephew plays soccer.


    niece sitting on a park bench

  • Niece - Neacht

  • the niece - an Neacht
    Tá mo neacht ina cónaí i Nua-Eabhrac.
    My niece lives in New York



  • Sister - Deirfiúr

  • the sister - an deirfiúr
    Is breá le mo dheirfiúr an damhsa Gaelach.
    My sister loves Irish dancing.



  • Son - Mac

  • the son - an mac
    Is fear mór a mac.
    Her son is a big man<>


    Uncle, Doctor

  • Uncle - Uncail

  • the uncle - an t-uncail
    Is dochtúir é m’uncail.
    My uncle is a doctor.



  • Woman - Bean

  • the Woman - an Bhean
    Is bean an-chliste í.
    She is a very clever woman.



    Holy Family
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