Fáidhiúlacht na Murúiche - The Mermaid’s Gift of Prophecy

Núala Ní Dhomhnaill (NOO-la Nee GO-nal), Ireland's foremost present-day poet writing in Irish, was born in 1952 in Lancashire. In 1957, her parents returned to Ireland -- to the Dingle Gaeltacht in Kerry, where she grew up. She writes all her poetry in Irish because she believes that Irish is a language of enormous elasticity and emotional sensitivity; of quick and hilarious banter. Many international scholars have commented that this language of ragged peasants "seems always on the point of bursting into poetry." (Dhomhnaill, 2)

© 1990, Nuala Ní Dhomhnaill From: Pharaoh's Daughter Publisher: The Gallery Press, Oldcastle, 1990 ISBN: 1852350563

le Nuala Ní Dhomhnaill
1. Tá smaoineamh éigin fós ina ceann
cé nach féidir léi é a chur i bhfoclaibh.
‘An leaid óg sin arís—ní féidir liom
cuimhneamh ar a ainm—tá sé—’
(sos beag anseo agus creathán ina láimh) ‘tá sé—tá sé—
tá sé in áit dhorcha.’

by Paul Muldoon.
1.There’s some idea at the back of her mind she just can’t put into words. ‘That young fellow out there—I don’t seem to be able to recall his name—he’s—he’s— (a small break here while her hand shakes) he’s in a dark place.’
2. Cé tá i gceist aici? Mo mhac?
M’fhear céile? Nó duine éigin eile den gclann?
Nó an bhfuil sí, ar leibhéal éigin
ag trácht uirthi féin?

2. Who does she mean? My son? My husband? Or some other member of the family? Or is she, at some other level, referring to herself?
3. Bhí sí riamh domhain.
Ach anois tá sí ag labhairt aníos chughainn
as tobar gan tóin.

3. She was always deep.
But now she seems to be talking up to us
from a bottomless well.

Courtesy of Vivian & Jack. IrishPage.com November 2011.
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