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Ag Plandú Prátaí - Planting Potatoes

Leipreachán ag teacht

This joke below is based upon a true story that happened in West Belfast in the 1970's. Details have been changed and embellished as it percolated across the water and around the world as stories tend to be. The factual account is related at the end.

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Bhí seanfhear ann uair agus ní raibh ach aon mac amhain aige agus é i bpriosúin Long Kesh.
There was an old man in Ireland one time who only had one son and he was in jail at Long Kesh Prison [1].
Bhí an duine bocht ar a aonar agus ní raibh aoinne sa pharóiste chun cabhair a thabhairt do dó chun a chuid prátaí a chur sa ghairdín.
The poor man was on his own and there wasn't anyone in the parish to give him a hand to sow his spuds [2] in the garden.
Scríobh sé litir cuig a mhac agus d'innis sé a scéal brónach dó.
He wrote a letter to his son and told him his sad tale.
Gan aon mhoill ar bith, scríobh an buachaill thar n-ais cuige, " IN AINM DÉ ! Ná chur ramhainn i dtalamh an ghairdín...Sin an áit ina chuir mé na GUNNAÍ i bhfolach !!" Without any delay, the boy wrote back, "IN THE NAME O' GOD ! Don't put a spade in the ground of that garden... That's where I hid the GUNS !!"
Ar a ceathar a chloig ar maidin cad a tharla ach tháinig slua mór saighdúirí agus thochlaigh siad an áit ar fad ó thaobh go taobh an ghairdín ach faich níor fhuair siad.
At 4 a.m. what happened but didn't a great crowd of British soldiers arrive and they dug the whole place over from side to side without finding anything.
Bhí ionadh an domhain ar an seanfhear.agus scríobh sé arís cuig a mhac agus d'innis sé dó cad a tharla agus nach raibh fhéidir leis a thuiscint ar chór ar bith.
The old man was amazed and he wrote again to his son telling him what had happened and that he couldn't understand it at all.
Sé a scríobh a mhac thar nais chuige,"Ná déan aon ní eile a athair ach chur do chuid prátaí !"
The son wrote back,"Don't do anything, father, just plant your spuds !"

[1] in Belfast No. Ireland
[2] Potatos, praties, spuds

The joke above is based on this following true incident.

A young man and his wife moved into a new house on one of the housing estates in Anderson's Town in West Belfast.
The garden was full of builders' waste... bricks... concrete etc., and the clay was hardened by workers boots tramping over it.
He thought for a while... then... that night he took a spade and a lantern and went out and dug a small hole in one corner... knowing well that the Brits would be observing from their watch towers ...

He was barely back inside the house before three lorries pulled up, outside and a horde of British troops rushed in and dug the whole garden over to a depth of six feet !

Courtesy of Jack & Vivian, IrishPage.com, St. Patrick's Day, March 2008
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