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Na Naíonáin san Afraic - The Babies in Africa

Paul David Hewson known as Bono is the lead singer and principal lyricist of the Irish rock band U2. He was raised in Dublin. Since that time he has been referred to as Bono, his stage and nickname. Africa is a continent of vast beauty, deep history, and rich culture. But it is also a land struggling with famine, poverty, debt and an AIDS epidemic that has already killed millions of people. Bono's main charitable ambition is to save the dying babies in Africa.

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Bhí Bono le U2 os comhair lucht féachana ag ceolchoirm lá amháin, agus sheas sé ar an stáitse agus thosnaigh sé ag bualadh - bos go mall réidh. Bono of U2 was before an audience at a concert one day, and he stood on the stage and began to clap his hands slowly and deliberately.
Ansin, i nghuth íseal, tromchúiseach labhair sé: "Gach uair a bhualaim mo bhosa, faigheann naíonán san Afraic bás." Then in a low, serious voice he spoke: "Every time I clap my hands, a baby dies in Africa."
Arsa duine den lucht féachana cóngarach don stáitse: "Bhuel, mar sin, stad leis an bualadh - bos, a chladhaire!"
Then a person in the audience close to the stage said: "Well then, stop clapping, you fool!"
.. Courtesy of Jack & Vivian, IrishPage.com July 20, 2007
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