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April 1, 2012

Ursula Nic Suibhné (Sweeney cosiul le Mac Sweeney) is ainm dóm agus taim as Eireann. Is feidir liom chaint gaeilge ach ta sé deacair é a scríobh anois. When I was a little girl I spoke a lot of Irish but since I left home and started working away from the Gaeltacht where I grew up - the Erris peninsula, Mayo, I don't use it so much. Nevermind write with it. But I have been hoping to revise what I do know and brush it up a lot. I am having some insomnia tonight and for some reason had to look up if I was correct in remembering if noníní was the Irish for daisies. I think I am right! I couldn't find a direct translation online but I did find look for blathanna and found your website. I am extremely impressed. You've actually inspired me greatly. Irish is such a complicated language and is really tough to learn outside of Ireland - nevermind outside of a gaeltacht. My whole family are fluent Irish speakers and I am an tUan Dubh. I am glad I found the website - I think it is going to be a wonderful way for me to begin my quest to revise and re learn all those things I've long forgotten.


September 18, 2011 Of all the offerings you have sent us during the years, this equals, if not surpasses, everything. It is magnificent - from the Cill Cháis Lament and the other Irish songs adjacent through all the rest: the background music, the selections, the imagery - perfect. The time, work, and care you had to have put into the project certainly led to its excellence. Bringing Biblical teaching and meaning to our own lives us in this way, in the 21st Century, is really nothing short of apostolic, and it had to have been inspired. I use the NAB along with the NJBC - Rev. Raymond Brown had a principal role in the development of the latter, and he was a most brilliant individual, Marjorie and I attended some of his lectures at St Mary's College here in Moraga.

Thanks for this contribution to our lives. It is so enriching, wonderful.

August 22, 2009
Thanks so much for such a fabulous site. When I search the internet, I find most sites very busy, confusing, overloaded with stuff, and it's a pleasure to see yours get right down to the business at hand with categories well-defined.
Patrick O'Mara, Boston USA.

April 27,2009
This is the most coolest website I have heard of the music on it and out of all the websights this is my favorite one
Gage Mossberger Flanagan Illinois USA

April 25, 2009
Thanks very much for this. It's wonderful - can't one just see Hal Roach reciting it at Jury's. Also - I very much appreciate the Irish that accompanies your exceptional emails - would that I could pronounce the words with confidence
John Hills

February 23, 2009
I am the co-owner of a two-year old small town monthly community newspaper. I was hoping to get permission to re-print some of the things off your website for our March issue since we are a small, but mostly Irish community. Many even travel to Ireland regularly, too. I'm talking about some of your jokes, toasts and Irish sayings. I love the fact that you give the Gaelic version and if I can include that, too - I think
We average forty-eight pages in our fold-over styled fifty cents paper. Once I found your site, I was enthralled. You cover so many different things, unlike the others. Please say yes!
Dottie Vernier, Emmett Village News, LLC Emmett, MI 48022

February 10, 2009
Many thanks for your wonderfully enjoyable and most informative website. I found some compositions by Turlough O’Carolan written for/about some of my ancestors, including 7 X Great Grandfather Morgan Magan.
Roslyn Allan, Australia

February 8, 2009
I think this is the most amazing Irish web site! I have way too many in my Favourites, however yours is all I need. I thank you!!!

October 3, 2008
WAW - How do you guys keep coming up with such great stuff !!!

June 24, 2008
Why didn't I know about this before? This one by far, is Absolutely brilliant!
Maria Eryatmaz

May 19, 2008
I just want say; What an awesome website you have created. I have a lot of Irish sites in my Favourites.This is by far "the best" ! ... Denise Chabot, Wiarton, Ontario, Canada

March 15, 2008
Hey, I just want to say that your irish website is the best that I have seen ever. It is the only website that actually has irish phrases in irish. I have looked all over the place for it and I finally found yours... Erik

February 19,2008
Those were WONDERFUL. The recordings Much better thann the last recordings I found. Very clear. Very good tempo. VERY understandable! The phonetics were also great. Just what I was looking for... Laura

June 6, 2007
Just visited your Irishpage web site. An excellent resource and extremely informative.
I am the composer and copyright holder of "Lament for Owen Christie" which appears in Midi format on your site (in a very powerful context, I might add). Jim Stewart of St. John's New Brunswick, Canada

January 14, 2007
Just a quick note to tell you both how much I enjoy your site. I have been coming here now for about 2 years and visit your page often. I have told many friends and they too are intrigued with your site.

December 24, 2006
I just wanted to thank you for an INCREDIBLE page(s). I will be here daily! Sean Owens, California

August 6, 2006
My compliments to you. Your page is outstanding, informative, well organized and a delight. I will advise all my Irish friends of it and hope they will enjoy it as much as I.
John Hands, Recording Secretary ... Joseph J. McGarry, Division 1 AOH, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

May 19, 2006
Just a note ... mostly to express my appreciation for "the Irish Page" .. it's a great gift every couple of weeks to get another little snapshot, and to have lots of good folksy info on the main page.
Bill Taffe

October 22, 2005
I have just come across your website in the Internet- Irishpage, I mean. And... I have immediately fallen in love with it! I am amazed! The site is gorgeous! All of these stuff there... Gosh... It's fantastic, thank you for it.
Katherine Spiegel

August 31, 2005
I visited the Irish page and I was so happy about it. It's so interesting as I have always longed to know much about the Irish people. In novels the Irish character was always so lively and special and daring. The few poems from the Irish writers that I have read were captivating. The visit to Africa by the Irish rock singer, Bono reinforced my liking of the Irish. Kenya's struggle for independence from the British rule and the Irish struggle make me identify with the Irish.
John Ruga, Nairobi, Kenya, Africa.

July 28, 2005
Hello there. Just a wee word to say that I think your page leaps out with a sincere sense of spirit. i like it !!! Fair play and I hope you keep it up.
Steve Spelman

March 26, 2005
I am not much for heaping out praise, but I hold you in such high regard for your page and my family thanks you
Mike Fogarty, Westborough, Mass.

March 15, 2005
I am in New Zealand and have just found your site. Its amazing .. Thank you.

March 12, 2005
By the way, your Irish webpage is great!
Jean H.

March 10, 2005
I was taking a look through your site and I am very impressed by the variery and quality of content you have on the site.
Léonie, Béal Átha'n Ghaorthaidh, Cork, Ireland

February 26, 2005
A friend just showed me the page today and it's delightful. I host a Celtic music program on our local radio station and would love to use some of the jokes, etc.
Jean Jarrett

February 10, 2005
Well done, a great resource to have on the web.
Ian, from Ireland.

February 2, 2005
I'm an Irish Native, my entire family lives in Meath and Dublin. I was surfing on the web for marketing ideas with the upcoming celebration ( Paddy's Day ) when I came across your site. It's brilliant just brilliant. It's so hard to find people that just enjoy life and it sounds as if you have found the answer. God bless! Marie Lopez-Williams

December 29, 2004
In researching the tunes of O'Carolan I stumbled across your web site today and I have to say it is a little gem - full of info facts and tunes from O'Carolan. Mike Lydiat, England

June 5, 2004
What a wonderful surprise to find your website over the internet. I am Asian but my in-laws are Irish American. With the help of your website, I was able to learn as much as I can about the Irish history and community. I'm teaching myself Gaelic with the help of my husband. I am also writing a thesis for my doctorate degree in literacy.
Please send my regards to your beautiful wife, Vivian. May god bless your kindness and gift of sharing knowledge with others like myself....Soentpiet@aol.com

May 21, 2004
Bhain me lan taitneamh as do shuiomh. Is fada e o a usaid me mo chuid gaeilge. Bhi amhrain a lorg agam nuair a chonaic me do shuiomh. Ta se lan le rudai suimuila agus gan dabht beidh me ar ais go minic.
Mise le meas, Julie Ni Mhachain

May 18, 2004
The "IrishPage" is great. Consider a pat on the back. Your IrishPage adds to the culture of Ireland and enriches the lives of many people. Keep up the good work.
Stu Fralick, The Irish Show

May 17, 2004
Ba mhaith liom nuacht as do IrishPage le do thoil? Ta me ina gconai I Gaillimh. Is maith liom mor do leathnach trid Gaeilge. I mo thuairmse an leathnach sin go iontach
Seo e mo e-phoist (shaunaprenga@o2.ie)

February 22,2004
I enjoy your page so much! I take my hat off to you for your expertise with the Gaelic language! I don't know if I'd have the patience to learn it at my age!
Ellen (LynchH1039@aol.com)

February 8, 2004
Thank you a million times over for your grand site.
What is the song that is sung when you open the home page? It is haunting and I would like to find it in both the Gaelic and the English...Ruth RRUTHANGELSWART@aol.com

Absolutely incredible website. Just an hour earlier I had watched a program about Ireland and it portrayed this woman sitting in an Irish pub singing Gaelic music. It was beautiful and very emotional. The way it was sung really moved me. At that time, I did not know what kind of music I had fallen for...what kind of voice....but now I know...it's called Gaelic. Thank you so much for the site. Cheers to to the Irish woman in the pub...cheers to Gaelic music.
jmelaisa@aol.com ......Jonathan Elaisa

What a fantastic website you've been building! It's a marvel! Congratulations for such a wonderful job, and thank you for sharing with the whole world the beauty of Irish Gaelic. Thrice awesome! ...Tiego De Avila. (deav0003@umn.edu)

Absolutely great site, thanks for all the work that has gone into it, I try to check it each day
Kate Keady, Australia (kkeady@iinet.net.au)

I happened across your page and I have never seen so much information in one place. This site is absolutely amazing! I was initially looking for information on learning Irish. My husband and I are going over in a few weeks. I wanted to learn some useful phases. Your site has been a big help!
Would you tell me who sings the music for the first page. I really like that version. Again thanks for the awesome webpage!
Erin Delaney (Eirediver77@aol.com)

Found your site while I was looking for some Gaelic proverbs to paint on the van of our band. I really like this site a lot. It's a joy to walk through it. I come from the Netherlands where I sing and play the guitar in a small band doing Irish music. We play a lot over here and in Belgium and France. Great fun! ( http://www.amaai.com ). I'm now looking into learning Gaelic so I'll be at your site many times in the future.
Thanks again and go gcoinní Dia i mbos A láimhe thú. wilde092@wxs.nl
Bye , Carla

Have just checked out your site.
Normally I only link to sites emanating from Ireland or Australia, however yours is an exception. I would like to include a link if that's okay...
So impressed with your site I had to set the link up straight away.
Tom Hickey, Melbourne Australia

I have been enjoying your website for some time now. It is great. I live Baltimore, MD.

I have been all over the site, and I just keep finding more and more interesting things. I've visited many of the Irish sites, but I can honestly say that yours is the most interesting.
Looking forward to more of the same, or even better, in the future!
Ellen Lynch

Thank you so very much for putting this site on the web. I am taking my Mother to Ireland next summer for the first time and through your Irish language lessons we hope to be able to speak at least enough Irish to get us by. As for your Irish prayers, they are absolutely beautiful, but could you maybe at the phonetics to it? I'm not that good at pronouncing Irish words yet without the phonetics. Either way, thank you again for your wonderful site.
Debra Closser

I am of Irish desent, I live in the U.S.A., I feel extermly close to Ireland and the people of the country. Your site is grand!!!! It has helped me learn more about the land of Eire'. I am still learning how to speak Gaelic, Do you know any sites that can teach me for free? Thank you for creating the site Glor tu Dia!!!!{Glory to god}

You have a very fast website even on my 56k connection. I am here in County Offaly,the birthplace of James Lynam Molloy (1837-1909), who wrote "Love's old sweet song", "Bantry Bay" and "Kerry Dances", etc..
Seán Hackett
Tullamore, Co. Offaly, Ireland.

I just had to write to you to tell you how WONDERFUL your website is! I have been exploring it for the past two days now, and it's incredible what you have on there!
Thank you for your hard work and fantastic results! Keep 'em coming! Ellen

Maith Sibh! Nach greannmhar an dóigh a dtáinic mé ar an site seo agus mé a’ chuardach leaba anseo sa Spáinn! Ba ´´e an rud a tharlaigh go dtearn mé clioc in áit nár chóir domh etc…(scéal fada é!). “Enhorabona” mar a déarfadh bunadh na háite seo (Catalunya) fan site seo atá agaibh mar caithfidh mé a rá gur aoibhinn an cuma a chuireann sé an Ghaeilg ar fáil ag móran daoine.
John Coney

hi my name is jamie kelly and im doing a project for my politics class on ireland and the history of it i just wanted to say that this is a great website and i found a lot of useful information on it. jamie kelly

Thanks for this site. I think it is the best one I have found yet. It's fun and informative. I love it!!!

Wow by chance I found this site....You are doing what I am trying to do,,,to learn Gaelic. I am Irish descent.......of the Ahearns... immigrated to New England...Connecticut.... Your webpage is wonderful...I truly enjoyed surfing it...and listening to songs that my mother sang to me. My favorite, To Ra Loo Ra.......she sang it to me, I sang it to my children and now to my grandchildren. I loved hearing it on your site Really enjoyed your webpage....Thanks...Erin Go Bragh
Kathleen Ann

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Hi, I wandered into your website looking for poems in Irish. What a wonderful website! Really enjoyed the create your own Irish curses engine. It's very cathartic.
Mary Thompson bearpaws@intotem.net

3/9/03 Loved the site. I am currently preparing for a PhD in Celtic Theology.
Matthew Stultz, Pastor - Herbst United Methodist Church

3/9/03 When I was at my rented house in Conamara, the Mass was said in Irish. Ten minutes before mass, Sundays and week days, the congregation would say the rosary, one would start and someone else would pick up the next mystery. Your stations brings all that back to me. Thank you.
Anne Moore

3/8/03 The Irish Page is a bright spot when I'm going through the e-mail.
Nan Jacoby

3/1/03 My brother Gerald received your webpage from a friend and sent it on to me. It is beautifully done and I know I will enjoy it.
Anne D. Moore

2/28/03 I can see I could spend many many hours poking around in this site - thanks so much for doing it for all of us trying to learn this lovely language.
Lynn Eaton

Comhghairdeachas as do shuíomh idirlíne don Ghaeilge. Ceapaim go bhfuil sé go hiontach agus go mbeidh sé an-úsáideach do lucht foghlamtha na Gaeilge.
Lorraine Ní Dhonnchú Ireland

2/27/03 I just want to write to compliment you on the irishpage web site. It's lovely. I'm taking Irish classes in Holyoke, Mass. with Tom Moriarty.

I find your site very interesting!!!
Bye! Greetings from Italy ;-)

This is a wonderful web site, to let you know.
Dan Maloney Santa Maria, California

Your Irish website is great! Very informative.
Sally 2/11/03

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